Hydro-Turf Unlimited - Grudge Match

Hydro-Turf Unlimited - Grudge Match
12:00 p.m. - High Noon
Manatee River

Speed, Speed and MORE SPEED!

Billed as the “Hydro-Turf Unlimited Grudge Match”, the top two fastest racers ever—Uva Perez, who holds the world record of 114.6/mph set at the 4th Annual Hydro-Turf HydroDrag World Championship in Tavares, Florida this past November takes on Carlito Del Valle, who holds the second fastest time ever recorded at 113.7/mph.

These top hydro racers go head to head against a radar gun manned by the Manatee County Sheriff’s Department as each will attempt to break the world speed record in between water events. DON’T MISS IT!