HydroXross Qualifying Mayor's Cup

HydroXross Qualifying Mayor's Cup
12:30 p.m. to 2:00 p.m.
Manatee River

HydroXross Florida Winter Series; The Fastest Jet Skis in the World Take on, Tear Up, Create Mayhem!

These guys are the rowdy, raw and real deal. The fastest sit-down jet skis on earth in a bullying water brawl that combines speed with sickening skill in what’s known as a “runabout race,” darting and duking it out on a closed-course track.

It’s adrenaline infused with on-the-edge attitude in one frenetic free-for-all joy ride. Don’t be fooled though. These are the top riders in the sport of HydroDrag racing and Bradenton especially will be well represented with its native hero in the driver’s field, Troy “The Slugger” Snyder, a state, national and world champion.

High-performance, high energy and highly fun to watch—these watercraft zig, zag and zip through the waves capable of hitting speeds near 90/mph. Competitions are typically a series of laps or a timed moto with drivers looking to hit the opening turn first and never look back.

Racing is just one part of the day. Fans will also be treated to a freestyle exhibition featuring some of the top U.S. drivers on “stand-up skis” in an “anything goes” display of tricks and talents.