11:00 a.m. - 1:15 p.m.
Palmetto Main Stage

soulRcoaster is the area’s highly sought after band with its sophisticated Rock & Roll and eclectic extensive repertoire. Classic to contemporary, soulRcoaster does it all- Motown, Latin, Ballads, Disco, R&B, Country and a little bit of everything in between. From Etta to Gaga, classic rock to Motown, jazz, ballads, disco and even a little country, soulRcoaster will engage you, entertain you and take you on a ride down memory lane.

soulRcoaster band

soulRcoaster band member include Sheri Nadelman on lead vocals and guitar, a native New Yorker with passionate vocals and rock star looks, founding member and Long Islander Tony Rizzo on lead guitar and vocals who is considered their “fearless leader”, Mike Poncelet on keyboards who began his musical career by playing bass for a band in Brussels, Belgium, Jim Klein on bass and backing vocals who was already in a professional recording studio at the age of 15, and Joe Hornberger on drums and vocals who comes from a long line of professional musicians with the NY Philharmonic Orchestra & Metropolitan Opera.

Great vocals and musicianship covering the songs you know and love. Be sure to catch soulRcoaster on the Palmetto Main Stage. You’ll be glad you did!

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