Zambelli Fireworks Spectacular
6:45 p.m.
Manatee River

A booming, brilliant, bonanza of light. Since 1893, Zambelli Fireworks has mesmerized the faces of hundreds of thousands with its majestic displays of light, color, and pyrotechnic mastery.

Considered the country’s First Family of Fireworks, the skies will glisten, glow and glare with their artistry in a dramatic and vividly gleaming presentation to close the days’ activities.

Multiple firing points, including the Green Bridge, give the display a magnanimous footprint showering the atmosphere with spell-binding illumination effects all musically choreographed to deliver one magical “surprise with every shell” show.

The bridge will serve as an accent location for rainbow effects and various other mine/comet shells making up the display...all of it an explosive testament to the fireworks flamboyance of Zambelli.