Powerboat Super League
Manatee River

So Fast, The Water Trembles!

Often billed as NASCAR® on water, powerboat racing roars as one of the most explosive events on water. Sporting jet-engine speed and “no brake, non-shiftable, forward only” gears, the race at Regatta features the SST/120 F-2 class of boats capable of turning on a dime and dazzling spectators with their no fear agility and skill. Once the starting gun sounds, drivers rocket from the dock, climbing from 0-100/mph in less than four seconds. More impressive—they’ll reach four-plus G’s in the course turns barely slowing down, with the potential to top out at a dizzying 125+/mph on straightaways.

Bradenton-Palmetto provides the perfect backdrop for these sea-battling beasts as they circle the Manatee River in one heart-pounding, catch-me-if-you-can chase to the finish. Drivers from around the country, including Bradenton’s own, Jeff Reno, will once again descend on one of the most scenic venues on the circuit to engage, entertain and enthrall the crowds.

The perfect place to watch? From high atop the mighty Green Bridge which, once again, will be closed completely across to offer a grand view of it all!


Hydrocross Florida Winter Series
Manatee River

A fan favorite each year, Hydrocross jet skiers are the rowdy, raw and real deal.  Back for the Florida Winter Series and, new this year—the Action Kawasaki/Yamaha Suncoast Nationals, riders bring a no-fear attitude and breakneck speed to provide the ultimate adrenalin ride for skiers and spectators alike in these races.

The fastest sit-down jet skis on earth in a bullying water brawl that combines speed with sickening skill in what’s known as a “runabout race,” darting and duking it out on a closed-course track. High-performance, high energy and highly fun to watch—these watercraft zig, zag and zip through the waves capable of hitting speeds near 90/mph.

Competitions are typically a series of laps or a timed moto with drivers looking to hit the opening turn first and never look back. This year, national champions will perform in several categories including: pro runabout endurance, sport stock/GP, ski open and jet surf. Pro Runabout Endurance World Champions Brian Baldwin and Eric Francis will be here along with the fastest Woman’s Runabout racer, Sophie Francis, sporting her skills in the 300/hp class.

It’s adrenaline infused with on-the-edge attitude in one frenetic free-for-all joy ride. Don’t be fooled though. These are the top riders in the sport of Hydrocross racing! But, racing is just one part of the day. Fans will also be treated to a freestyle exhibition featuring some of the top U.S. drivers on “stand-up skis” in an “anything goes” display of tricks and talents.


Zambelli Fireworks Spectacular
Manatee River

A booming, brilliant, bonanza of light. Since 1893, Zambelli Fireworks has mesmerized the faces of hundreds of thousands with its majestic displays of light, color, and pyrotechnic mastery.

Considered the country’s First Family of Fireworks, the skies will glisten, glow and glare with their artistry in a dramatic and vividly gleaming presentation to close the days’ activities.

Multiple firing points, including the Green Bridge, give the display a magnanimous footprint showering the atmosphere with spell-binding illumination effects all musically choreographed to deliver one magical “surprise with every shell” show.

The bridge will serve as an accent location for rainbow effects and various other mine/comet shells making up the display…all of it an explosive testament to the fireworks flamboyance of Zambelli.


Kristen “The Destroyer” Smoyer
2016 Pro Ladies Flyboard World Champion
Manatee River—Bradenton Side

Originally from Boston, MA, Kristen “The Destroyer” Smoyer performs stunning shows and has raised the talent bar for females to reach in flyboarding. Kristen is a certified Master Instructor for PWC Products–Zapata Racing and a proud member of Team Powerfly. Her hard work and determination have made her a role model for Hydro Flight sports from newcomers to pros. She’s been featured on news outlets across the country including: CBS Sports, Fox Sports, Sun Sports, H2RO Magazine, Sun Sentinel and Florida Today. Her professional achievements include:
2016 Flyboard World Cup: 1st Place World Champion
2016 HydroFest Pro Ladies JetBoard: 1st Place Overall
2015 X-Dubai Flyboard World Cup: Placed 3rd Overall
2015 North American Flyboard Championships Women’s: Placed 3rd Overall
2014 Regional St. Pete Fly-In: Placed 1st Overall
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All-Star Stunt Dogs
Manatee Riverwalk Great Lawn

America’s favorite stunt dogs will have you scratching your head in amazement and barking loudly for more—back flips, handstands, big air stunts and the amazing tricks that make these canines a colossal hit wherever they go. “All-Star Stunt Dogs” have entertained audiences nationwide, always with “paws-itive” results.  With appearances on the Tonight Show, Ellen Show, Queen Latifah Show, Animal Planet, National Geographic and the Rose Parade these four-legged mutts are famous for their frolics and plain old doggone fun.

What makes them even more special—aside from their talent for the flipping, jumping and racing—is their storied past…all of the performing pooches have been adopted from pounds and shelters across the country. Their mission: to promote the importance of pet adoption, spay & neutering and encourage responsible pet ownership.

You’ll be mesmerized as the dogs compete in challenges such as triathlon racing, high-jumping, disc-catching, jumping rope, walking backwards and doing paw-stands of course. Just don’t hold back the cheers. The louder the applause, the higher the jump. We guarantee you’ll love these marvelous mutts.

Gondola Ferris Wheel

Wheel of Lights
Giant Gondola Ferris Wheel

New to Regatta…the giant gondola ferris wheel known as the famous “Wheel of Lights” a monster, theme-park attraction standing 90-feet tall, 26 feet wide and 70 feet long…with state–of–the–art LED lights and video system…16 multi-passenger carriages catapult you to one majestic ride over top of both cities as you magically melt into the skyline. The “Wheel” is one of the largest of its kind in the country and has captivated the hearts of riders at some of the grandest events in the U.S., including: The Bonnaroo Music Festival in Manchester, TN, The Phish Music Festival in Watkins Glen, NY, The Dave Matthews Caravan Music Festival in Chicago, IL, The All Good Music Festival in Morgantown, WV, and The Kanrocksas Music Festival in Kansas City, KS. So hop on…and light your Regatta night formidably, brilliantly and all so playfully.


Drumline photo comp for website

Drumline Competition
Featuring Area High Schools
Center Span of the Green Bridge

Local high schools show their spirit…flaunt their talent…pound it hard for the pride of it all. The Drumlines from Braden River High School, Bayshore High School, Manatee High School, Lakewood Ranch High School and Southeast High School compete in a special “Green Bridge Battle” to prove who’s prince of percussion. Showtime at ”center span” starts at roughly 5 pm. Earlier in the day, don’t miss the full band performance of our National Anthem by Palmetto High School.



Views from Above
Heli Aviation Helicopter Tours
Register Here

Experience the beauty of Bradenton and the surrounding areas, including an up-close view of the 4th Annual Bradenton Area Regatta and Downtown Bradenton. The Tour departs at the Rossi Waterfront Park and travels thru Downtown with a right turn along the US-41 Bridge towards the north side of the bay with a breathtaking view of the Races and spectators before it makes its turn back over the Harbor. Register now…rides are limited and sell out quickly:


Manatee Performing Arts Center

One of Regatta’s newest content partners, entertainers from the highly regarded Manatee Performing Arts Center, located in downtown Bradenton, will provide individual character performances all day long at the Riverwalk Amphitheater. Dressed in costume as lovable and recognizable characters from popular children’s movies and shows—Frozen, Little Mermaid, and others—performers will sing and afterwards pose for pictures.

Committed to being the community’s premier theater and the region’s hub for cultural, educational and artistic expression, the Center team works tirelessly to deliver engaging excellence for all ages through its educational services and stage experiences. On Feb. 2, the Center presents: “Gallagher the Jokes on You Comedy Tour,” in two shows, 2 pm and 8 pm. One of the most popular and recognizable comedians of the 1980’s, Gallagher has to his credit fourteen comedy specials for Showtime, ran for Governor, and is listed by Comedy Central as one of the top 100 greatest stand-up comedians of all time.  For tickets, click here:


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Mattison's Meet the Driver Party
Mattison’s City Grille “Meet the Driver” Party and “Rock The Boat” After Party

Mattison’s City Grille
Superleague “Driver’s Party” and Regatta “After Party”

Mix and mingle with Superleague drivers the night before Regatta and party hard right after the event ends with these two special events at Mattison’s City Grille located at 7275 S. Tamiami Trail, across the street from Regatta hotel partner Courtyard Marriott Bradenton Riverfront. Details and more info here.



St. Stephen’s Falcon 5k River Run
Register Here

The Saint Stephen’s Falcon 5K and 1-Mile Fun Run is excited to partner again with the City of Bradenton and City of Palmetto to present the 15th Annual Falcon 5K. The race will take place in downtown Bradenton, going over the Green Bridge to Palmetto and back while Formula 2 powerboats are warming up for the racing regatta on the Manatee River. This annual event boasts chip timing, Tech shirts and a pancake breakfast like no other! The 1-Mile Fun Run will be geared towards families, children and adults who wish to run or walk an abridged distance. Male and female trophies awarded.

For more information please visit the RunSignUp page Located HERE.